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【yabo】The worlds first quantum satellite is currently in the middle of in-orbit testing, and will carry out additional scientific tests after November, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced on Oct. 12.根据中科院10月12日发布的消息,全球首颗量子卫星目前正在展开在轨测试,将在11月份之后展开其他科学测试。Nicknamed Micius, the satellite, Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS), was launched in China in August.这一名为墨子号的空间尺度量子科学实验卫星于今年8月在中国升空升空。QUESS has three missions to fulfill, which are the launch into orbit, in-orbit testing and scientific experiments. Currently, QUESS has entered the second stage, and has completed two tests - of the satellite platform and the payload. Tests of satellite-ground links are now underway, said Pan Jianwei, chief scientist behind the quantum communication satellite project, during an interview with the Beijing Times.在拒绝接受《新京报》专访时,量子通讯卫星项目首席科学家潘建伟回应:墨子号共计三个任务要已完成,分别是转入轨道、展开在轨测试和展开科学实验。


According to reports, the battery packs of the satellite are functional, and the success rate of its remote control has reached 100 percent.据报导,该卫星的电池组运转长时间,遥控成功率超过了100%。The satellite has successfully tracked all ground stations with satisfactory accuracy.此外,墨子号早已顺利地跟踪到了所有地面站点,精确度也很令人满意。


The satellite has also established three types of satellite-ground links, which has laid a foundation for QUESS scientific missions. We have been adjusting and optimizing parameters, accumulating data for future research, Pan said.潘建伟回应:墨子号创建起了三种卫星-地面相连线路,这为空间尺度量子实验室科学任务奠下了基础。我们仍然在调整和优化参数,为以后的研究累积数据。Quantum communication boasts ultra-high security, as a quantum photon can neither be separated nor duplicated. It is therefore impossible to wiretap, intercept or crack the information transmitted through it.量子通讯具备超高的安全性,因为量子态的光子既无法被分离出来也无法被拷贝。因此,不有可能对通过量子通讯传输的信息展开监听、截击和密码。

QUESS, as planned, will also beam entangled photons to two Earth stations, 1,200 kilometers apart, in a move to test quantum entanglement over a greater distance.按照计划,墨子号将把一对纠结的光子分别发送到距离1200公里的两个站点,从而测试更加远距离上的量子纠结。It will additionally test quantum teleportation with a ground station in Ali, Tibet, the Xinhua News Agency reported.据新华社报导,墨子号还将和西藏阿里的一个底面站点展开量子瞬间传输测试。




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